Text to win vs. **WIN (StarStar WIN) The new technology that will replace SMS campaigns

If you’ve ever run a text to win/SMS marketing campaign you’ll want to hear about this. Until now, in order to run a successful campaign you need to secure an easy to remember and relative keyword that consumers text to a designated number.

This two-step process is standard, and since everybody sends text messages (all day long), it shouldn’t be a barrier to entry. However, when I ask friends and family how often they enter ‘text to win’ campaigns the answers are few or never.

The reason is not the easy to remember keyword; it’s the funky five-digit number that you have to text it to. It seems ridiculous but writing that number down, or memorizing it, can be a deal breaker. Most text to win redemption rates happen right when the consumer physically sees or hears the advertisement. It seems that five-digit number just doesn’t stick with us, and we lose interest.

Enter StarStar Mobile!

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If you’re not familiar with StarStar Mobile technology, simply dial **NFL right now from your mobile phone (yes dial it like a phone call). You will hear a recorded message from none other than Drew Brees, letting you know that you’ve also just received a text message! When you click on the link in the text message you will download the NFL app, how cool is that?

So, with just one easy to remember phone call, **NFL –  you have entered the NFL’s text messaging database, essentially you have opted in.

This StarStar mobile technology continues to outperform text messaging CTA’s by 3 to 1 in most cases, and some campaigns are up well beyond that. A radio cluster was using StarStar WIN, for listeners to enter a contest and redemption rates broke records.

The reasons are obvious. There is only one simple step to enter, no keyword and no funky little 5-digit number to text to. Imagine your auto dealership using the code **DRIVE to schedule a test drive and a chance to win a $500 gas card! Or imagine your travel agency using the code **CRUISE for a chance to win a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas.

The options are endless, the call to action is easy to remember, and the redemption rates will exceed any other text/SMS campaign you’ve ever created.

For more information on how you can secure your own StarStar Mobile number contact John Garcia at 561-683-0404 ext 119. Baldrica Advertising and Marketing is an official partner of StarStar Mobile.

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