Do you believe in Tradigital?

It seems to me that the difference between a company that embraces a marketing strategy that includes digital and one that does not, is simply how much that company believes in the value of the digital.

As an agency, when we first launched b digital, our business plan had us ‘leading with digital’. Meaning that we would approach our prospects with the intention of solving their digital problems by creating or improving their website, building landing pages, adding a mobile site, growing the social media pages, etc. As it turns out, most of the companies we work with, were not ready to have that conversation.

It’s a very compelling dynamic, that while everyone admits to using Google to search, or turning to a company’s website for more information before making a buying decision, that many companies continue to downplay the value of a well-rounded digital landscape.

I can see how the old adage…’if it ain’t broke, don’t’ fix it,’ dominates the decision makers, who are primarily 45+ (age) and grew up with a ‘traditional’ media experience. However, many times they are faced with the obvious facts that their traditional marketing and advertising campaigns are no longer delivering the results they once did, but remain reluctant to ‘pull the trigger’.

Case in point is the Yellow Pages. We had one particular account that was spending $500,000 per year in the plumbing category. Year after year, the account realized diminishing results, but between the old mind-set and threatening sales tactics, they continued to renew and increase their spend with the Yellow Pages.

Our media audit exposed this waste, and reduced their buy to $50,000 per year. The remaining $350,000 was put into a well-crafted advertising campaign that primarily used television and a landing page to convert leads. The result was an increase in business of over 300% and a company that now ‘believes’ not only in the value of digital but in what we call ‘tradigital’.

Using traditional media to drive digital is what we focus on with every campaign (tradigital). Whether or not your company feels that their digital assets are in order, an advertising campaign on traditional media of TV, Radio, etc., that drives the audience to landing page is a great way to test this strategy and start seeing results right away.

If you’re still not a believer, give us a call, and schedule a free consultation.

The best ‘creative’ doesn’t always win!

Is award-winning creative enough to create sales?

Many times as an advertising agency, it’s all about the ‘creative’…but is it? In my experience the most award winning creative, is not necessarily the most effective at driving sales.

The disconnect seems to be when the message crafted is based more on a great creative idea, in and of itself, then it is an idea that is based on the target market. Let’s face it, how many times have you seen a cute or funny commercial but had no idea what product or offer was being promoted?

It happens all the time and it makes me wonder how agencies can get away with it. I imagine there is a big inflated ego somewhere that is content with having the shiniest object in the room, even if it serves no purpose.

This approach is what has kept so many agencies going for such a long time. I think about all of those advertising awards and wonder what was that decision based on? How many of those campaigns actually had a significant impact in the most important barometer of success…sales?

Let me make this next point perfectly clear, without well-crafted creative, you have very little chance for success. I’m all about a catchy jingle, and a great headline and a clear call to action, but the goal should be to resonate and move your target audience to engage.

The sales process is often compared to a funnel, which at the top, (and the point which is furthest away from the sale) is described as ‘awareness’. This is often the part where many creative ideas go astray. You may make me aware of your advertisement by being clever or unique, but does it do anything to also lead me to the next stage which is interest?

Awareness and Interest are two very different stages and your creative can make people aware but if the message is wrong, it won’t appeal and interest will not be generated. If you don’t generate interest, you would have to start over, which can be a very costly mistake.

If there is no interest, or what we call ‘engagement’ then there’s small chance that person would move further down the funnel to evaluation and finally sale, so obviously, no word of mouth.

I know it’s so tempting to just go with the ‘coolest’ thing or put your marketing effort behind what everybody at your company likes, but take some time to get feedback from your target market. Whenever possible get a focus group together to see what they think. This is where social media can really come in handy. Facebook or Twitter are great ways to get feedback from ‘Fans and Followers’. This information can prove invaluable, and insure that your message is not only creative, but engaging and effectively communicates to the target market.

Those are the kinds of ads that get my vote for ‘ad of the year’, and as a business owner, hiring an agency good money to make your register ring; it should be where you cast your vote as well!