The grass is not always greener on the ‘digital’ side.

Now that we are well into the ‘digital’ age, and everybody has a website, and just about everybody has a computer, and smartphones and tablets are the most popular forms of surfing the web, has digital changed the way you do business?

I really look forward to your responses because there is no doubt that digital has changed the way consumers form their purchasing decisions, but it’s also very clear that businesses have not kept up with their savvy prospects.

I’ve seen many businesses basically at the point where they’re throwing their hands in the air, frustrated that all of the promises the techy sales rep sold them are NOT coming to fruition. SEO, SEM, Landing Pages, e-commerce, lots of different investments with very little ROI; a common result we hear over and over. So what gives?

The fact is that ‘digital’ still has a long way to go to be able to stand on its own. Any business who has a digital strategy without taking into account the ‘traditional’ side of marketing is surely setting itself up to fail.

The grass is not ‘greener’ on the digital side. You will not simply be able to replace all of your traditional marketing and advertising efforts with SEO and behavioral targeting and think that you will be successful and here’s why.

Except for simple e-commerce, where consumers shop based on price, reviews and specifications, the digital battle is won on the traditional side. The businesses that use their well-crafted newspaper ad, TV ad and radio ads to drive traffic to a landing page (mobile enabled of course!) will see an increase in traffic and leads and real ROI.

These hard-fought battles in traditional marketing will increase all of your digital results by creating top of mind awareness. While ‘Google’ will always get the credit for driving traffic to your site, how a person decided to Google you in the first place, or click on your link on the Google results has a great deal to do with your non-digital or traditional efforts.

The acronym AIDA, ‘Awareness’ ‘Interest’ ‘Desire’ ‘Action’ is one that many professional marketers fully understand.  The less aware I am of your company the less likely I’m going to take action if I somehow stumble across you online.  In fact, on average you can expect a 25% increase in your search results when you are running a traditional advertising campaign.

So rather than abandon your tradigital side, learn how to best leverage it with a ‘tradigital’ strategy for maximum results.

The value of writing your own blog.

Besides the obvious SEO value original content adds to your site, there are other huge benefits of writing your own blog.  You may hesitate because you’re worried that your writing skills are not ‘up to par’, or that you may lack the flair required to keep readers interested. Even if all that is true, a blog reveals your thought patterns and helps to paint an image with the reader based on your beliefs.

This image can be the difference between a website visitor that takes the next step down the sales funnel, or one that walks away. Regardless of their decision, your blog, written by you, shows a certain amount of initiative, and expertise that you are willing to stick your neck out on the line for.

My blogs often talk about being ‘tradigital’ and how leveraging traditional media to drive digital will not only be effective, it will make all of your efforts that much more successful. By sourcing information and giving credit to others who have posted data that supports my philosophy I gain credibility, and again become the trusted source on the topic.

If possible, using the scenario above, it is best to stick close to one or two main themes in your blog, and expound on them as much as possible. Being a jack of all trades and master of none can often be more damaging than good, and readers can see right through a writer who is not intimately familiar with the content they’re writing about.

So, keep in mind the next time you want to post another link, to another blog, written by another person…it may be time for you to post your own. Of course, sharing this article and my blog is the one of the main reasons I write it, and I often post links to other blogs as well. However, don’t let another writers blog keep you from ‘going there’. When there is consensus on a topic it only serves to drive the value and credibility of your own blog, and it grows from there.

Good luck, I look forward to reading your first post!