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How ‘social’ is the Auto Industry?

Have you purchased a car recently or know somebody who has? Did a pic of the new vehicle make it to the Facebook wall? Increasingly sharing these lifestyle events on social media are becoming more popular. Let’s face it, purchasing a new vehicle (even if its not […]

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Social Media ROI is first measured in ROE.

ROE, or Return on Engagement is often the place I start with most of my clients to measure the effect of social media to the bottom line. This ‘engagement’ comes in the form of feedback, good or bad from customers. The goal is obviously to make the […]

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Social ROI – I’m not getting any!

There are many challenges faced by today’s business owner. In addition to the things you learn in school like, cash flow, inventory, pricing, policies and all that other fun stuff, you now are concerned with the ROI of your social media campaign. This is one topic that […]

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