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Think of ‘Tradigital’ as a way of teaching an old dog, new tricks!

The more we have these ‘tradigital’ conversations with our clients, the more I see the light bulb go off in their heads. It’s almost as you can literally see a flip switched and all of a sudden ‘they get it’. If you’re reading this and have no […]

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A Tradigital Strategy in 3 easy steps.

We keep pounding tradigital, using traditional media to set up digital because we understand not only the value of traditional media, but how readers, viewers and listeners prefer to respond. This graphic shows that of all the respondents to an online streaming radio ad, only 5% chose […]

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Looking for a quick lift in sales…Bring the Billboards inside!

It’s funny how much you don’t notice something, until one day you actually notice it. For example, you need a new car so you go to a few showrooms, and you fall in love with this new car, that you’ve never really noticed before.  You barely leave […]

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