Think of ‘Tradigital’ as a way of teaching an old dog, new tricks!

The more we have these ‘tradigital’ conversations with our clients, the more I see the light bulb go off in their heads. It’s almost as you can literally see a flip switched and all of a sudden ‘they get it’.

If you’re reading this and have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s great (read on!) and if you have been having tradigital conversations, than you probably know what I mean.

Let’s go back for a minute…tradigital is the integration of traditional media with digital for maximum results. Basically, we teach that traditional media is by no means dead, it’s just that the message needs to evolve to match the expectations of the audience.

If our plugged-in society, in general, ‘Googles’ everything, why are you giving them a phone number exclusively in your ads? Or, for that matter, sending them to an unprofessional website home page that doesn’t even feature the offer you are promoting?

A colleague of mine was recently telling me about a new account that had been advertising their product specials every week, in a half page ad. Because they had stores at each end of the market, they were buying two major newspapers, and spending about $150,000 per year to do so.

They first redesigned their website to make it professional and functional. Then they changed the ad in the paper to half-page, and basically promoted a call to action that asked the readers to visit the website and sign up for weekly specials via email. The owner was reluctent, he was ‘old-school’ and didn’t think you could use a newspaper ad to drive people online. Well, he did get about 50 calls from the portion of his customers that absolutely refused to change their old ways. However, in just over two weeks he has received over 2,400 email opt-ins!

In the past 6 years combined this retailer had not collected that much information from it’s customers. Here we are two weeks into a tradigital campaign and the opt-ins are increasing daily. Think of the power this retailer will have at it’s disposal once this list gets to 10,000 or 20,000 names.

Do you think he will keep advertising in the newspaper? Absolutley, because when you have a well-crafted ad, with a call to action that drives people to respond online, it works! At the same time, he was able to cut his advertising expense in half (sorry newspaper), and now has an available budget to do the same with radio or TV.

Tradigital can teach an old dog new tricks because you keep enough of the old to keep the dog happy, and then once they see that the ‘new’ is good, they quickly embrace it.

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A Tradigital Strategy in 3 easy steps.

We keep pounding tradigital, using traditional media to set up digital because we understand not only the value of traditional media, but how readers, viewers and listeners prefer to respond. This graphic shows that of all the respondents to an online streaming radio ad, only 5% chose to call. An overwhelming majority of the responses were digital in nature.

So, if you are running an ad, and your call to action is ‘call or come in today’, you’re tapping into the preferred response action of only a very small amount of your audience. We see that most advertisers are actually starting to understand this, but without the money or resources they feel they have no other choice but to remain with the standard advertising model.

To address this, we have developed a 3 part strategy that allows you to easily leverage the power of mass media, by offering your audience an ability to respond and engage with you on their terms.

1st – Custom Landing Page. It has often been said website home pages are where good leads go to die. It’s true even of our own site, if we offer a ‘free marketing makeover’ and send the audience to our home page, and that page does not have that offer immediately accessible, that the visitor will most likely leave. If however we send them to ‘’ and that page has the detailed information, and how to take advantage of it, your conversion rates increase dramatically.

2nd – Tie in Social Media! Even if they convert on the landing page, you still want to offer the visitor a reason to ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ you. These touch points give you much more influence and in an age of declining email open rates, this gives you an additional point of contact. If you can add an additional incentive, say ‘Like’ us to double your coupon, it may be worth testing that out.

3rd – Email Marketing Campaign. There is a big difference in unsolicited emails and opt-in email lists. Once someone has declared that they want to hear from you, there is a much larger likelihood they will open the emails and consider your message. Also, many buying processes take more than one exposure to the offer or business. Effective drip-email marketing campaigns remain one of the most effective tools to convert your prospect into a buyer.

At b digital, we have mastered this tradigital strategy and are partnering with media companies in South Florida to offer these services to their advertisers. By doing so, the media companies are allowing advertisers to leverage this strategy, and significantly increase the results of their campaigns. In return, the advertisers remain loyal and increase their buys.

If your preferred media company does not offer a tradigital strategy or offer the triple-pack we described above, ask them to contact us, or you can contact us directly and we will be glad to schedule a free consultation. We have seen advertisers increase results by 35%-50% or more!
One thing is for sure, more and more people will opt to respond online or digitally over responding via phone or coming in, and you need to make sure your company offers that choice. We hope you will choose us to get you there.

Looking for a quick lift in sales…Bring the Billboards inside!

It’s funny how much you don’t notice something, until one day you actually notice it. For example, you need a new car so you go to a few showrooms, and you fall in love with this new car, that you’ve never really noticed before.  You barely leave the showroom, and as you start to drive around in your shiny new ride, you notice that everybody else is driving the same car! UUUgh!

Billboards tend to work in much the same way. You may drive by one a million times and it makes no difference to you at all. Then, one day, you see it, and read it, and it’s like the million impressions suddenly come flooding into your mind. Now, you can’t get it out of your head.

Now with digital billboards the stakes are even higher, as these electronic message boards have a much higher propensity of getting noticed. While the price point for these digital boards has made it less accessible for some advertisers there is another option not often considered by the average business owner.

Why not bring the billboards inside? As in digital signage products that produce a customized message board on your TV monitors throughout your establishment. For whatever reason, this highly effective way to deliver a specific message to a captured audience has been regulated to sports bars and the occasional bank lobby.

The fact is that these interactive boards have so much potential you’d have a hard time convincing me that it doesn’t have a prominent place in just about every retail business, or establishment with a ‘point of purchase’ or ‘waiting’ area.


Digital signage can have a significant impact on retail sales, with at least a 15 percent sales lift on promoted items being common. But developing an effective screen network requires solid planning and careful selection of supporting technology. When creating an in-store digital media plan, consider:

  • Location
  • Context
  • Engagement
  • Integrity
  • Measurement

These signs have gone high-tech, and can display up to the date news, and weather as well as social media updates from Twitter (Facebook as well). The screens themselves can be organized to show multiple messages at the same time, with different sized screens for emphasis or priority.

If you’re a retailer with multiple locations you probably have a coupon or flyer strewn about the store. Why not display it on the screen above your registers at the front of the store. Your next screen will promote the up-sell or add-on (at full price of course), or an opportunity to ‘save on the bundle’.

The ‘gotta have it now’ world and professionally trained consumer nation and its impulse buying will not be able to resist your 2 for 1 message as it flashes in the entrance to the dressing room. The key to the success of your digital signage is keeping the messages and graphics fresh and engaging. No stale offers or outdated information.


Now that b digital agency has partnered with Muzak Focus Four, we can also help you get started with your own digital signage. Our partnership with Muzak brings you the best service and technology, and we provide you with creative support and strategy to update and maintain your signage.

Best of all, you can get started for as little as $79 per month! If you’re interested in finding out how digital signage can lift your sales, email or call us today for a free consolation.