As a business owner or top-level executive, how much is your time worth?

Business owners are faced with many different tasks throughout the day. At small to mid-sized companies that becomes even more prevalent. This often drains their time away from focusing on the ‘Important / Non-Urgent’ activities that no one else but the owner can do, and that are critical to the growth of the company, and more time in the ‘Important – Urgent’ quadrant.

These tasks are highlighted in the Stephen Covey Quadrants graphic below:

This is the question you need to ask yourself…how much is my time worth? When you see that your time is being spent primarily in other quadrants, there may be a good case for considering a ‘work smarter, not harder’ approach. We like to use the motto ‘do what you do best, and let us do what we do best’.

The chart below highlights some of the major time drains (click on the image to enlarge), that need to get done, but are not necessarily where a business owner should be spending most of their time. As we review this list with owners and top executives, we find that some of these tasks are not being done or even on the task list, due to the lack of time available to allocate to each.



Working with our agency, we can take on as many of these services as you need to address, when we engage with you and place media buys on your behalf. Not only will these tasks be performed more effectively, but also efficiently, as our experience and agency buying power will benefit you with better rates across the board.  Think about it, for the same budget you will receive increased media exposure, so even with the same results, you will increase your ROI. One of our clients was able to double his media exposure, with the same budget resulting in double digit gains.

If you reach the end of your day, and keep feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything, working with a professional advertising and marketing agency can get you back on track, and back to where your focus will best help the growth of your company.

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

What would you consider the most important task you have as a marketing director or integral part of your marketing department to be? Before you answer that, I’d like you to consider the following.

I have worked at several companies where the word ‘marketing’ becomes a catch-all that usually gets lumped in with sales and advertising. The fact is that any marketing person worth their salary understands that effective marketing campaigns must be directly tied into a measure of success. Weather that measure is in increased awareness or directly tied to increasing sales, it must be monitored and there must be accountability.

The problem often comes in when the ‘marketing’ person also tries to (or is forced to) segue into the media person’s role. Media planning and media buying are two very specialized jobs that when executed at a high-level, can have many positive benefits.

I understand that most small companies don’t think they need an advertising agency to plan or buy their media. Many marketing reps meet directly with sales reps from dozens of different media companies in the market, and then make their decision based on the presentation that makes most sense.

In our 30 years of agency experience, we have never come across a media rep that has recommended another media company as the most sensible and cost-effective option to reach your target market. My point is that radio reps sell radio and newspaper reps sell newspaper and TV, etc. As a marketing professional, no matter how versed you are on the various types of media, the information you are comparing is all very skewed, making what seems like an obvious decision, one that fails miserably.

This is what we call the ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ syndrome. Making a long term marketing campaign decisions based on this biased information can be disastrous and being so close to the process can easily blind side you.  What most concerns me is that, more often than not, advertising agencies do not charge advertisers to plan and buy their media. Typically, the good agencies negotiate the best rates, and earn their fees based on a commission built into the rates. So, you can enjoy all of the benefits from an agency buy, which include better rates, better reach and frequency, and smoother execution, without having to pay a penny in additional costs or fees.


Typically, our clients report an average improvement in media value received of a minimum of 30% during the first year of an engagement. This value can easily make the difference between a campaign that succeeds and one that fails.

We always say, let us do our job, so that you can do yours. So back to my initial question, what is your number one job as a marketing professional? My answer is: Effectively communicating the unique selling proposition of your organization, in a way that resonates with your target market to increase engagement. That is a mission onto itself, and when done correctly, can create a tidal wave of activity that has a direct impact on the bottom line.

If you do that right, and let the media planning and media buying professional do their job right, you can rest assured your message will have the best chance to be heard by your target market and achieve the best possible results.

If you’ve never worked with an agency, or are unsure if your current media plan is the most effective way to reach your target market – please feel free to call us at 561-683-0404 ext 119 or email us at so we can conduct a Free Media Audit (or visit this link: This no obligation service will get you on the right path to accountable media buying, and allow you to do what you do best.