Is your marketing campaign a vote for ‘Traditional’ or ‘Digital’?

This election year, there are two very clear choices for the future of America. You can either choose the Republican Nominee or support the Democratic incumbent. Either one you choose, you can basically count on one thing, the one who wins will govern without the support or cooperation of the other.

Lucky for us, your marketing campaign does not need to suffer from the same non-partisanship that we see in our government. The truth is that the best marketing campaigns combine the best elements of traditional media and integrate it with the best practices of digital, for maximum results.  We call it ‘tradigital’ and it has proven time and again to be the best approach in a society that continues to find more comfort with technology and everything it has to offer. Unlike our government option, you will never see the benefits of a ‘DemoPublican’ solution, which I think is unfortunate.

Simply stated, we believe that traditional media such as television, radio and yes, even newspapers are effective forms of media that when properly crafted ads appear, will drive a significant amount of traffic to your digital space (website, landing page, social media, etc) and allow you to grow your customer and fan base.

Let’s face it, organically ranking on the first page of Google search results is not an easy thing to do. It is much easier to create an advertising campaign and appear on the first page of the newspaper or in highly visible TV programs, and on the most listened to radio stations. These campaigns will allow you to get in front of your target market on your timeline, and then move that audience forward to respond online, and collect that valuable data so that future campaigns will also include drip email marketing.

This is the best way to use media in 2012, and not be focused on one form of media over another. Use traditional to set up digital, then continue the digital momentum with email, and newsletters and optimizing your site with original content, offers, promotions and opportunities, not available anywhere else.

If you don’t have a ‘tradigital’ strategy in place, and keep ‘pushing’ your message out, without seeing results that build your own audience, you need to change the way you vote and leverage the best of both worlds. Call or email Baldrica / b digital agency, inc for a free consultation and start creating your own tradigital plan and a synergy that will produce maximum results.

You don’t need a website, there, I said it!

Well…sort of…depending on what kind of business you have…let me explain. One industry which social media and landing pages can not only replace the need for a website, but used effectively, are actually much more valuable than a website is the restaurant industry.

Let’s face it, how often do you visit a restaurant website for more than maybe info on the food, location, reservations, and reviews if available. All of this can be easily facilitated on a landing page, and the interaction on social media that multiplies the reach, will be a tremendous advantage in your marketing and advertising efforts.

An approach we like to recommend restaurant owners is a ‘tradigital’ marketing campaign that directs traffic from your traditional advertising to a vanity URL or landing page, that links to your customized Facebook business page.

A screen shot of a custom Facebook tab

Ah, but what about Google rankings and a blog you ask. Well, your landing page is for all intensive purposes a website, just a much more streamlined and effective one. So, you can make sure that this is the page that you use for Google Maps/Places, which is not reliant on a robust, content rich site.

The landing page also allows you to create a simple intake form, asking for visitors to sign up for your weekly or monthly newsletter. This newsletter, can become your ‘blog’, and offer links back to your site while featuring, photos, information on events and the ever popular ‘recipe of the week’.

All of this will be replicated on your custom Facebook tab, and links will feed back and forth from FB to your landing page. Your Facebook page can take reservations, welcome comments and reviews, create events and accepts RSVP’s, feature ‘special offers’ and create engaging contests for one your lucky diners to win an all-expense paid birthday party for 10!

When you wrap all this into an e-mail marketing campaign, you really start to see just how effective this strategy is. The names you collect on your landing page, as well as on your Facebook page will help you build a substantial list of engaged customers in a short amount of time. Sending weekly deals, and rewards for loyal diners will increase your repeat business, and show the customers your appreciation.

All this without a webmaster, or hosting fees, or expensive maintenance programs. We’ve seen this strategy deliver amazing results. In fact, we guarantee a minimum lift in the results of your marketing and advertising efforts of 35%.

So if you own or market a restaurant, and are not seeing any return from your website, find out more about how you can incorporate a tradigital strategy by clicking on this link, and then contact us to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.