The Basics of Tradigital Advertising

You probably know by now, if you’re fans of b digital about the term ‘tradigital’. This is the focused effort of using traditional media to drive traffic to a digital domain. That’s all great but how do execute this effectively.

Step 1 – A well-crafted ad – uuuugh! The nemesis of all that social media stands for, the dreaded ‘push’ or ‘outbound’ message that typically is forced on the audience or listener, and is no longer effective. Well, quoting Dan Oday, the most effective form of mass media to drive targeted traffic to a website is radio. However, in order to do that, the ad needs to address one need, and offer solutions the listener will deem valuable. The call to action on this ad is no longer about call, or come in today, it’s about joining ‘us’ at an easy to remember landing page and sign up for your offer or promotion.

Also, in the ad it is important to offer a value of service that does not require the listener to ‘do business’ with you. For example if you’re an air-conditioning company offer a ‘cost-savings calculator on your site that will show how much energy a person can save if they upgrade their unit.

Step 2 – The landing page or vanity URL is a key component that most advertisers are afraid to commit to. The fear is that if you’re sending traffic to a page that is ‘not your website’ or does not brand your name it’s too risky. If your name is McCowsky Air Conditioning and Plumbing, and have the website, that’s great, but not ‘tradigital’ friendly. Why not ‘’ or ‘’ These names will be much easier to remember when repeated in the radio ad.

The landing page should have one clear conversion strategy, meaning, what you ‘really want the visitor to do, but as we mentioned earlier other conversion points such as using a helpful tool or accessing a resource should also be made available. Linking to your site is of course part of the strategy, and integrating your social media, facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, YouTube pages is also very important.

Step 3 – What do you do with all this information you collected? Obviously if you offered coupons or a direct ‘sale’ promotion, a small percentage of your audience will actually use it within a relatively short amount of time. Most however, will take more than one exposure to your deal, no matter how great it was, to convert to a customer. This is where your email and ‘inbound’ marketing strategy kick in. If they opted-in for an email, they are requesting information from you, so make sure you provide it and that you provide it on a consistent basis. Different purchases have different buying cycles. Upgrading your AC typically takes longer than using a coupon for a large pizza pie, and keeping your company relevant and ready to serve that customer is a key component of a good email campaign. In addition, keeping active in your social media space keeps your prospect updated on your goods and services, and can be a great way to engage them with a new offer, contest or promotion.
Step 4 – Evaluate and do it again! Google analytics and the ‘Insight’ tool on Facebook will give you in-depth information on all your visitors that you can use to craft your next campaign. In addition, use your Facebook page as your own personal ‘focus group’. This is a great place to ask questions about your company, just be prepared for honest feedback!
If you can get your arms around this tradigital strategy, and understand that ultimately you are building your own audience, which will eventually make you less dependent on media and more self-sufficient, the journey will be quite rewarding!

How to be ‘tradigital’.

If you advertise in the newspaper, on television or radio, use direct mail, billboards or any other ‘traditional’ advertising medium and are not incorporating a ‘tradigital’ strategy you are not maximizing your results.

What is Tradigital? It is using traditional media to drive traffic to a digital destination, whether it is a website, landing page or social media page.

Basically, the new ‘call today’ is ‘visit out site’, and the new ‘visit our site’ is ‘visit our landing page or Facebook page’ for increased recognition. A landing page is simply a web page that is customized specifically for converting traffic responding to a very specific offer or promotion.

If you send traffic to a home page that does not reflect the details of the advertised offer, or does not have easy data capture and follow-up, it will result in a very low conversion rate, and is a poor strategy. The reason is this, whenever you advertise, no matter how many people you reach, only a small percentage of that audience is actually in the market for your goods and services.

For example, if you sell tires, everyone who owns a vehicle, at one point or another, will require new tires. If you can get that person to engage with your message regardless of whether or not they are currently in the market for new tires, you do not limit your potential return.

In this scenario, your radio ad says ‘visit and sign up for our buy one get one tire free promotion, and take advantage of our offer whenever you need new tires’. A message like this, does not limit the audience, or the offer. Now you have a new email address, and can create an email drip-campaign that sends offers on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, that keeps pulling leads forward. The ‘’ landing page also has links to your Facebook page which says ‘Like’ us on Facebook and shares our coupon with friends and family.

This takes guts, this takes vision, but this is what people expect not only from business, but from the messages their hearing and seeing every day. The world of ‘call today, this is a limited time offer’ just does not resonate anymore. People have too many resources at their hand and don’t need to feel pushed or forced to react.

Allow those people to engage with your brand, be exposed to your products and service, and take advantage of offers and promotions on their timetable and you have a winning ‘tradigital’ strategy.

If you want to learn how to move from a traditional strategy to a tradigital strategy, please contact us for a free consultation.

Agency Portfolio

b digital agency, inc is focused on bridging the gap between traditional and digital media for maximum impact.  We call this strategy ‘tradigital’ and it leverages the power of traditional media to drive digital.

Our full-service agency will work with you to address  your needs and create a comprehensive marketing plan to achieve your goals.  It sounds kinda hokey, but the basics of successful marketing have never changed.  Craft a message that will resonate with your audience, and then deliver the highest possible level of customer service when they reach out to work with your company.

The key is that how you use media has changed significantly.  Ads with ‘call’ or ‘come in today’ call to action, are not offering the value or information that is truly being sought by today’s tech-savvy audience.  Ads need to offer a digital response, such as a custom landing page, a mobile website, or a specific page on a website that speaks specifically to that offer or message.

b digital can help you not only craft an ad that resonates, but we can also build all of the creative and digital assets.  Our network of contacts that span over 30 years in the business, also gives us the ability to buy media at the best possible rates.  Everything under one roof, with seasoned pro’s dedicated to the success of your company.  Don’t think your business is ‘too small’ to work with an agency.  Call or email us for a free consultation.