“Where do you want to eat?”…30% of all restaurant website traffic is generated on mobile phones!

In May of 2012 a report from a large restaurant group in Atlanta showed that a full 30% of their website visitors did so on a mobile device. This confirms the trend that since last year mobile website traffic has more than doubled!

While restaurants are leading the way, it’s not restaurant exclusive. In fact, mobile browsing is now up to 20% of North American web traffic, up from 12% just earlier this year.

A few other interesting facts featured on David Felfoldi’s blog about mobile browsing are featured below:

• Mobile traffic peaks on Saturday with Friday as the big ramp up day, and Sunday the natural ramp-down day.

• Mobile traffic spikes at 6pm and then drops off quickly. Desktop traffic traditionally spikes around 5pm and drops off around 8pm. This would back up the thought that mobile users want real team information just prior to the restaurant visit, making a mobile website absolutely crucial.

• Mobile browsing is done mostly with smartphones, with only about 1/3 of mobile browsing coming from tablets and iPads. As both of these mediums continue to grow at a rapid pace, one can only expect that mobile browsing will continue to grow at the same speed.

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