Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partners
If you are a digital agency we’d like to talk to you.

How many times has your agency been unable to provide your clients the full-service they’re looking for, and require in order to be successful, because your agency can’t buy traditional media?

At Baldrica Advertising and Marketing/b digital agency, we have a proven track record working with independent reps and digital agencies providing media planning, buying and invoicing services.

By doing so, you can truly offer your clients a ‘tra-digital’ campaign that combines traditional and digital for maximum results.

If your client ‘wishes’ they could use your agency for ‘everything’, now they can! Don’t leave that money on the table any longer, and don’t let other agencies dictate where and how the marketing budget is spent. Contact us to discuss how we can provide your traditional media planning and buying services and give you the full-service edge.

We also often partner with digital agencies to vendor out work for websites, SEO, app development and more. If you would like to become a trusted partner, please contact John Garcia at 561-683-0404 ext 119. Thank you.