‘Star-Star’ Phone Numbers

‘Star-Star’ Vanity Mobile Phone Numbers

What is a ‘Star-Star’ vanity mobile phone number?

Star-Star vanity mobile phone numbers, allow your prospects and existing customers to contact you through an easy to remember number, simply by dialing ** and the name (i.e., **LAW, **KIA, **CASH, etc.). For a quick demo dial **NFL to see how it works.


Star-Star is essentially a text messaging system, combined with the ability to make an actual phone call. No need to dial 1, or an area code, simply dial the vanity number on your mobile phone, and the call is routed wherever you want it to.

However, the Star-Star technology gives the company who owns it much more information and leverage than you get with a typical phone call. For example, the caller will receive an instant customized text message directly from the company when they place the call. The options can include a link to the company’s website, a link to download an app, or even send a special offer or coupon right on their phone. The customization options are endless, and the added ability to ‘geo-fence’ the technology and route callers to particular store or office based on their location improves lead capture and user experience.

As of today, the following list of numbers are available on a local level (although your particular territory may already be sold, inventory is on a first come, first serve basis).
Gold & Jewelry Exchange
Home Care & Hospice
Home Repair
Home Services
Real Estate
Moving & Storage
Auto Dealerships
Towing & Wreckage
Commercial Cleaning
Radio Broadcasting

Contact us to see if these numbers are available in your market.  Keep in mind that once other ‘Star-Star’ number are leased, they are essentially unavailable nationwide, (similar to website domains, once they’re gone, they’re gone!). Don’t get left behind, contact us to see how a Star-Star phone number can benefit your company and learn the steps you need to secure your own before it’s gone. John Garcia 561-683-0404 ext 119