The Four Pillars of Social Media Vol II – The Big Picture

We gave you a big chunk of information to think about in our first volume, with the hopes of helping you to focus your social media efforts.  But, before we dive into real strategy and tactics, let me give you a big picture view first.


Most small business owners have survived on what is now referred to as traditional ‘outbound’ marketing.  This is the stuff like direct mail, coupons in the paper; for some it may include a little bit of radio and spot TV advertising as well as other locally targeted media.


In a not too distant world, this was a very effective way to reach the local audience and raise awareness as well as drive people to the stores with your offer or call to action.  However, even with the best of marketers, it is impossible to know who is in the market, and where to properly position your message.  Add to it the segmentation of media today and it’s just about anyone’s guess.


If you ask most advertisers what their return on any particular investment in advertising is, they most likely will have no idea.  The old adage, “half of my advertising works, I just don’t know which half”, is a line many in the industry would still like to hide behind.


The reason I preface this is that social media is really the age of ‘inbound’ marketing.  All of your efforts in this space are about adding value to the audience that is actually searching you out.  Every day millions of people use the internet to find things, services, events, etc.


The buying cycle now has a huge piece of the pie called ‘research’ that continues to grow.  It is in this space that you have an opportunity to become relevant to the user and increase your worth by offering the value, information or insight the prospect is looking for.

One key take away is that this opportunity is not limited to a ‘one-day sale’.  Your ongoing efforts through time build a relationship that fosters trust and reliability. Whether you are in the oil-change business or the pizza business, the majority of your customers do business with you first, and the more they know you, the more business they do with you.


So, is ‘outbound’ marketing done?  Absolutely not!  I do not go to the extreme of some social media experts that a blog a day will keep the media reps away.  Depending on your type of business, it may make complete sense to actually increase your traditional ‘outbound’ spend, but your goal or message will be very different.

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The Four Pillars of Social Media –

Is there such a thing as Social Media Baby Steps?

So, I’ve been helping local advertising companies in South Florida integrate their traditional marketing efforts with digital solutions for the past 6+ years, and now I am doing it for myself. After a successful career with The Palm Beach Post, I am tasked with creating the same synergy for” b digital agency”, an internet advertising agency in West Palm Beach, Fl.

Immediately, I am focused on what I call the ‘Four Pillars of Social Media’. These four pillars are made up of Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and You Tube. And if these are the Four Pillars than the cement foundation that they are built on is the almighty Blog! We also have a very close eye on Google+ since Google is such a dominant player in search, this latest product is showing promise and can soon be the Cornerstone of your Social Media efforts.

If you were looking for baby steps to make in this bold world of inbound marketing this would be your starting point. While you can ‘dabble’ in these efforts personally, you need to quickly decide just how much time you are willing to commit to inbound marketing on a daily basis, and if it makes sense to outsource as well.

Even with out-sourcing, there are no shortcuts. You may be able to take baby-steps by focusing on the foundation and four pillars described above, but to truly be successful it will require your consistent and dedicated personal attention. Whether that is you the owner, or you the marketing executive I offer one caveat: without skin in the game, you will be sadly disappointed.

I understand that a person can quickly become overwhelmed and spend time and effort on less beneficial efforts which only increase your frustration. In this blog series, The Four Pillars of Social Media, we will help you set the foundation and teach you how to create a strategy that requires a minimal amount of effort to achieve maximum results.
We will show you:
1) Where to actually start
2) How much time it takes to successfully update and manage your social media / outbound marketing campaigns.
3) How to set a 12 week strategy for each pillar
4) How to leverage your blog and properly position it for your audience.
5) The most effective tactics for each pillar.
6) How to work with a digital agency to maximize your return
7) When and where to use traditional / outbound marketing and advertising and how to truly integrate it with digital to grow your audience.
8) Outbound v. Inbound – the paradigm shift you need to fully understand and embrace.
If you’re a small to mid-sized company that has seen the return from your traditional advertising efforts dwindle in recent years, it’s time to stop ‘blaming the economy’. The fact is consumers don’t consume media the same way anymore, and the longer you wait to integrate a digital strategy the more difficult it will become for you to remain relevant and grow your company. If you would like to learn more sign up for our weekly blog below. To speak to one of our strategist or to schedule a free consultation, call or email us directly.