Mobile Websites

Did you know that 71% of Smartphone users that see a TV, Press or Online ad do a mobile search as a result of it! Will they find your mobile site, or your competitors?

b digital agency has recently upgraded it’s mobile website capabilities. Not too long ago, there were more people accessing the internet via mobile phones and tablets than there were on laptops and desktops. This is no longer a ‘trend’, and as smartphones get smarter, and tablets come down in price, we may very well be in the post-pc age.

If your site does not load properly on a mobile screen, or is not mobile ready, you may very well be losing a large number of the audience that visits your site on a daily basis. Call or email us for a free consultation and we’ll offer you a competitive quote on your mobile site. Our prices start as little as $995 for a 5 page site, completely customized and even SEO (optimized). A mobile site is not the future, it’s today, and you can gain a competitive advantage right now.

Email us or call 561-683-0404 ext 119 for a free consultation, and take back the business your currently losing.