Freedom Boat Club

Working with Chris Anders, owner of Freedom Boat Club is truly a pleasure. Marketing a boat club in a down economy is the kind of challenge professional marketers get excited about.

With Chris, we are working on publishing a new website and creating a new media mix. We have begun to air radio spots that drive traffic to a custom landing page called ‘ So far the response has increased, but we have a long way to go. We will continue to work on new creative for both TV and radio, and are discussing our social media options, and adding video as well.

Freedom Boat Club is an incredible value and provides a unique service that we’re proud to represent.

Crystal Tree Carpet & Flooring

Founded by husband and wife team, Barbara and Arnold Kahn, Crystal Tree Carpet and Flooring has become a premier flooring and design source in South Florida. Crystal Tree Carpet & Flooring offers its customers a premium variety of flooring materials which are at the forefront of industry trends.

Laguia Gratuita

About La Guia Gratuita
• La Guia Gratuita provides information that educates, strengthens and empowers the Hispanic community to make life better for themselves, their families and their communities. We are proud to partner with the only Palm Beach County publication that offers original content and empowers the Hispanic community.

Digital Business Summit

The Digital Business Summit of the Palm Beaches features a Consumer Electronics Show, an Innovations Lounge, Breakout sessions, Live Interviews, real time Q&A’s with proven industry leaders, Workshops and an Interactive round table of advertising campaign critiques.

Great Shop Showdown

Think you have what it takes to make it on Clematis St.? If you have an out of this world retail concept and think your shop is the missing piece on Clematis Street, then the Downtown Development Authority wants you to submit your concept to us!

Land Rover Palm Beach

This high quality video was commissioned by Land Rover to be used for a TV commercial campaign. Our studio partners, Pixil took care of the entire production from shooting to editing, and delivered this beautiful end product.

Surf Shop TV

A media company created with the premise of bridging the gap in the buying cycle from awareness to research then purchase. The aim is to deliver consumers informative product videos surrounding the categories: fashion, culture and technology.