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The value of writing your own blog.

Besides the obvious SEO value original content adds to your site, there are other huge benefits of writing your own blog.  You may hesitate because you’re worried that your writing skills are not ‘up to par’, or that you may lack the flair required to keep readers […]

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Are you Thankful for Black Thursday?

Not sure that when we gather around the table tomorrow, part of our list of blessings will include all of the great deals we can trample each other over to get.  There is no doubt that ‘Black Friday’ has become a strange American ritual at this point, that […]

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The Impending ‘Digital’ Cliff for Facebook

If you were to judge the time you are spending on Facebook, how would you describe it: 1. More than ever, it seems I’m always ‘on’. 2. About the same, check it periodically throughout the day. 3. Less than usual, getting a little stale and boring. 4. […]

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Do you believe in Tradigital?

It seems to me that the difference between a company that embraces a marketing strategy that includes digital and one that does not, is simply how much that company believes in the value of the digital. As an agency, when we first launched b digital, our business plan […]

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