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The best ‘creative’ doesn’t always win!

Is award-winning creative enough to create sales? Many times as an advertising agency, it’s all about the ‘creative’…but is it? In my experience the most award winning creative, is not necessarily the most effective at driving sales. The disconnect seems to be when the message crafted is […]

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‘Begin with the end (user) in mind’ a lesson from the late, great Stephen Covey.

I was very saddened a few days ago to learn that world-renowned author and speaker Stephen Covey passed away at the age of 79. It seems he could not recover from a complication stemming from a recent bicycle accident. Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ […]

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All advertising (just like politics) is local!

I realize that at the very upper tier of multi-billion dollar industries, there is ‘formulaic’ type of advertising that can be applied with a very broad stroke, and effectively communicate that company’s message. It is the epitome of what we in the advertising world call ‘branding’. I […]

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