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Social Media ROI is first measured in ROE.

ROE, or Return on Engagement is often the place I start with most of my clients to measure the effect of social media to the bottom line. This ‘engagement’ comes in the form of feedback, good or bad from customers. The goal is obviously to make the […]

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“Where do you want to eat?”…30% of all restaurant website traffic is generated on mobile phones!

In May of 2012 a report from a large restaurant group in Atlanta showed that a full 30% of their website visitors did so on a mobile device. This confirms the trend that since last year mobile website traffic has more than doubled! While restaurants are leading […]

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7 Reasons you need a mobile website

These are the Top-7 reasons a mobile website is no longer optional for business (as posted by Jennifer Gaines).  If you need more reasons, just keep track of your own mobile habits!  51% of business travelers use mobile devices to get travel information. (Google/OTX, The Traveler’s Road […]

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Mobile traffic increases 102% in one year!

A new report shows traffic from mobile users doubling in one year! If this is not reason enough to make sure you have a mobile website, you may be playing catch-up very soon.

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