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The quicker you adapt the quicker you grow.

It amazes me as a small business owner myself, why there is so much resistance among the business community in general to grasp the need to evolve.   I understand the saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and that may have worked well, for a […]

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Three Essential steps to start using Facebook for Business

If you haven’t started using Facebook for business, here are a few tips to getting started. 1) Make sure it’s a Fan Page! This may seem too obvious to note, however we are still often encountering business fan pages that are actually personal ‘friend’ pages. Luckily for […]

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The Basics of Tradigital Advertising

You probably know by now, if you’re fans of b digital about the term ‘tradigital’. This is the focused effort of using traditional media to drive traffic to a digital domain. That’s all great but how do execute this effectively. Step 1 – A well-crafted ad – […]

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How to be ‘tradigital’.

If you advertise in the newspaper, on television or radio, use direct mail, billboards or any other ‘traditional’ advertising medium and are not incorporating a ‘tradigital’ strategy you are not maximizing your results. What is Tradigital? It is using traditional media to drive traffic to a digital […]

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