Bob Baldrica – Managing Partner

Principal and Marketing Media Director, is well known among his peers for being able to reach target audiences at highly cost-effective rates with significant values. He has over 40 years of experience in radio and television with Florida’s top ranked TV, cable, and radio stations as well as print media plus many years experience in the planning and buying of media for South Florida’s largest accounts.

Bob knows how to maximize limited media budgets and obtain results that stem from the correct combination of research, planning, media placement, and targeted service.  Repeatedly recognized by the media as one of South Florida¹s premiere advertising executives, Bob will always get the proverbial best rate.

Bob’s client relations skills are extraordinary:  in an industry which averages only 2 years for client retention, Baldrica’s clients stay with the firm for an average of 10 years.  Our former clients are those who have dissolved their businesses, merged with larger companies, or needed our expertise
for a single project.

Bob’s daughter is a recent graduate of Pepperdine University and an aspiring model/actress.  Brie represents Rainsin Bathing Suits, recently starred in the movie “Forget Me Not” and was crowned Miss Malibu 2012 in September of 2011.

Text to win vs. **WIN (StarStar WIN) The new technology that will replace SMS campaigns

If you’ve ever run a text to win/SMS marketing campaign you’ll want to hear about this. Until now, in order to run a successful campaign you need to secure an easy to remember and relative keyword that consumers text to a designated number.

This two-step process is standard, and since everybody sends text messages (all day long), it shouldn’t be a barrier to entry. However, when I ask friends and family how often they enter ‘text to win’ campaigns the answers are few or never.

The reason is not the easy to remember keyword; it’s the funky five-digit number that you have to text it to. It seems ridiculous but writing that number down, or memorizing it, can be a deal breaker. Most text to win redemption rates happen right when the consumer physically sees or hears the advertisement. It seems that five-digit number just doesn’t stick with us, and we lose interest.

Enter StarStar Mobile!

ssm logo





If you’re not familiar with StarStar Mobile technology, simply dial **NFL right now from your mobile phone (yes dial it like a phone call). You will hear a recorded message from none other than Drew Brees, letting you know that you’ve also just received a text message! When you click on the link in the text message you will download the NFL app, how cool is that?

So, with just one easy to remember phone call, **NFL –  you have entered the NFL’s text messaging database, essentially you have opted in.

This StarStar mobile technology continues to outperform text messaging CTA’s by 3 to 1 in most cases, and some campaigns are up well beyond that. A radio cluster was using StarStar WIN, for listeners to enter a contest and redemption rates broke records.

The reasons are obvious. There is only one simple step to enter, no keyword and no funky little 5-digit number to text to. Imagine your auto dealership using the code **DRIVE to schedule a test drive and a chance to win a $500 gas card! Or imagine your travel agency using the code **CRUISE for a chance to win a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas.

The options are endless, the call to action is easy to remember, and the redemption rates will exceed any other text/SMS campaign you’ve ever created.

For more information on how you can secure your own StarStar Mobile number contact John Garcia at 561-683-0404 ext 119. Baldrica Advertising and Marketing is an official partner of StarStar Mobile.

Are you lost in Cyber-Space? 5 Reasons you need to set a new course now!

Websites are what…like 20 years old or so? Everywhere you turn, all you see are people on their mobile phones. As a small business owner all you hear is that the world is online now and ‘everything is digital’. However, even with all this digital proliferation, you’ve yet to see the windfall from your hi-tech internet-marketing strategies, so what gives?


There’s no doubt that todays smart phones make information much more accessible and apps can make life easier. The key to successfully targeting this digital space and engaging the audience lies in understanding the consumers frame of mind at this stage in the information process – so what does that mean?

It’s simple: while the distribution channels might be migrating more each day to digital, traditional channels i.e., TV, Radio, Newspapers, Billboards and their traditional counterparts remain the overwhelming source by which mainstream America is exposed to advertising messages that are actually retained. The key is the retention!

Here’s why:

  1. Offline is new Online – the reason you’re lost in Cyber Space is because your expecting digital advertising and marketing to have the same effect on consumers as traditional push media. This is the number one mistake. Traditional media pushes information that is retained by the audience, which drives traffic online, to take further action. Using online to push does not work because messages are less likely to be retained.
  2. Digital advertising does not engage readers who are looking for specific content and information, so there is much less retention of your message. In many cases banner ads and the like, are considered intrusive and contribute to ‘poor user experiences’ on most websites. In fact, consumers might avoid a website with too many ads because of the distraction they can create.
  3. Using digital to drive digital is a one way street, and it’s called Google. If you’re in the service business, and someone is in desperate need of your service, you have one small chance to get in front of them using digital and that’s by being on page one of Google. Even on page one, if your company/brand has very little recognition it will lose out to your competition who is, more often than not.
  4. People are tired of ‘searching’ and just want to turn to the local company that can best fulfill their needs. This type of awareness does not happen online, it happens offline by being a part of the community. Focus on creating real-life experiences that your customers can participate in and invest in loyalty and rewards programs and see how much more engagement you will drive.
  5. No matter how sophisticated online targeting becomes, it will not replace the power of the message from mass media because we can’t dismiss it so easily. Online is so fragmented, the odds of you being exposed to the same ad or message more than once a day is miniscule. In order to raise awareness and build a brand your message needs to be consistently received in order to be retained, and mass media is the only way to achieve that effectively.

There you have it. You see a recurring theme of ‘retention’. If your target audience does not retain the message, your campaign will fail. Stop navigating your ‘enterprise’ ship through an asteroid belt of digital ‘tactics’ that aim to reach a consumer that is not listening. Use mass-media to get your message out, which will drive them online, which will allow you to then pull them forward with the right landing page, content , social media network and email marketing campaign that will convert your lead into new and future business.

John Garcia – Digital Director – Baldrica Advertising and Marketing

Marketing Madness! The Tradigital Approach to a Championship Campaign

As the annual college basketball championship tournament gets underway, it’s a good time to look at the parallels of a winning team, and how it translates to a successful marketing and advertising strategy.   Here is our championship campaigns’ starting lineup:


Starting at Point Guard…getting everyone engaged with the right message at the right place and time is Traditional Media!

Starting at Shooting Guard…making sure each message is easy to remember and has a clear call to action is your ‘Star-Star-Mobile’ phone number or Vanity URL!

Starting at Power Forward…getting all of those fans to convert to leads is your Custom Landing page!

Starting at Forward…rebounding misses, and giving second chance opportunities to those that did not convert is your Retargeting Campaign!

Starting at Center…giving your team its consistent identity among your fans and positive presence in the marketplace is your Content Marketing/Social Media campaign!

Your coach is your Brand Manager, your trainer is your Analytics team, and your recruiter is your Email and Search engine marketing manager.

If you’re a sports fan, you understand that there are many different positions, but the key is to have the right player, in the right role, at the right time. This gives each player the best chance to succeed, getting the most out of their strengths and skill set.

The same analogy applies to your tradigital campaign.  Too many times, we think ‘digital’ can effectively engage and get the word out, when that’s not its strength. Traditional media is much more effective at engaging an audience and driving traffic online, just ask the Dot.coms of the world, that buy all of the television and radio commercials (offline is the new online) to drive traffic online.

Beyond that point of entry, you see many different digital applications, each with a very specific role that keeps the team moving down the court and prospects moving down the funnel.

For example, by integrating a ‘Star-Star’ mobile phone number or a Vanity URL in your creative ‘call to action’ – you can increase traffic by 30% of more. Using a specific landing page to convert the traffic, increases conversion rates by 35% or more. Retargeting campaigns bring consumers back who were on the-fence and increase sales by 3% or more.

Good, relevant content marketing and social media posts help to reinforce the message and strengthen the overall identify of the company, by entering into the conversations being had online and keeping current promotions and events top of mind. All of this is first made possible by targeting and engaging your audience properly with an effective traditional media campaign.

This is the makeup of a championship campaign that works together with a tradigital game plan; each player knows their part and plays their role for maximum results!

John Garcia – Digital Director – Baldrica Advertising and Marketing

5 steps for detoxing your advertising campaigns

Advertisers are marketers, which are made up of businesses looking to expand their share of market. When a business decides to include advertising as part of their marketing plan, it has chosen to leverage an audience that a particular media reaches, in order to deliver its message to prospects and solicit them for business. To reduce waste and get better results for your campaigns, consider these five steps: (continue reading) 

The thing that Small Business Saturday gets wrong

Whenever a behemoth like American Express decides the time has come to support small businesses, I can’t help but get a little lump in my throat.

Why would such a giant corporation care about small business, when the dollars can’t compare with the large corporations that they do business with every day?

Is it really worth the effort for Amex to promote a day directing consumers to by “small-box” instead of “big-box”?...continue reading

How to embrace the tradigital culture

If you follow this blog, you may already be talking the “tradigital talk.” And I commend you for that.

But now it’s time to walk the tradigital walk!

By now, many of you may already have your 2016 marketing and advertising plans in place. If you do, it’s most likely a yearly ritual and a practice you’ve built and improved over timecontinue reading. 

Why a mobile vanity phone number may be the new ‘Star-Star’ of marketing

There’s a new technology in town and it is truly going to change the landscape of tradigital marketing!

How many times have you heard that before?

Well, I hear it just about every day. But this time, with the Star-Star (**) mobile vanity phone number, I am thoroughly convinced this is something you need to pay attention to. You may want to find out how you can secure your company’s number if it makes sense for your business…continue reading

Why a digital-only approach is flawed for startups and new products

Just as a rocket requires most of its fuel in the initial launch phase, starting a new company or launching a new product successfully requires a great deal of support and energy in the initial stage, and less as time goes on.

It’s for this very reason that launching with a digital-only or digital-first approach is flawed and counter-productive. Notice that I did not say it’s wrong — it’s just not the best strategy, since digital remains much less effective in branding and engagement, and performs much better as the second step in the process, rather than the first step. Click here to continue

3 examples of highly effective ‘tradigital’ advertising campaigns

As an advertiser, you need to understand that on average between 2 percent and 5 percent of the people who receive your advertising message are actually in the market for your product or service at any one-time.

For industries like restaurants, that number has the potential to be much higher (since we all eat every day), but we don’t eat out every day and the competition can be extremely fierce.

The beauty of a “tradigital” campaign — which combines traditional and digital marketing — is that when the offer is presented properly, it does not alienate the other 95 percent of the people in the market, who may not be ready to buy from you right now. Click here to continue –